Temple? Typical? No way. Find out why.
The view of the Philadelphia skyline from Temple’s Main Campus.
You’re not average—that’s clear because you’re already considering transferring to Temple. This isn’t your typical university, and Philadelphia definitely isn’t an ordinary city. Here are the top five reasons why there is no typical Temple experience.
n art student working in a studio and a dental student looking at a child’s teeth.
1. There’s no one way to turn your passion into your career. Temple offers Career Communities, where students with similar interests come together to explore all that they can do with their degree. You can make connections and discover unexpected possibilities in your field.
2. With dozens of employees universitywide dedicated to career services, there is always someone available to proofread your résumé, test your interview skills or give you tips for your LinkedIn profile. There’s no one way to prepare for your dream job.
Two girls walking on a street in Philadelphia with a play button to indicate a video.
3. Seriously, Philadelphia will be your classroom and your home—there’s no one way to immerse yourself in the city. Your Philadelphia could be volunteering at an afterschool program near the Italian Market, or listening to your favorite podcast as you charge up the Rocky steps every Sunday morning. Also, more than 100,000 alumni call the Philadelphia region home, creating a powerful professional network to help you land internships and jobs.
Five students sitting at a table talking.
4. There’s no one way to build a community on campus. There are more than 300 student organizations to join, regular networking events and endless opportunities to work directly with faculty members. And it’s pretty easy to play in or watch one of the spontaneous volleyball games that pop up outside the library.
Temple fans at a sports event with a Temple sign.
5. Temple embraces diversity in every form. Our students and faculty are from all over the world, there’s an array of opportunities for each and every interest, and there’s somewhere for everyone to fit in on campus. Temple wants you to do you, and there’s no one way to be you—come see for yourself by scheduling a visit.
Say yes to Temple.
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