Know these four things to help make college affordable.
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Get accepted to college, pick a major, land that dream job—no pressure, right? Oh, and pay for it, too. We know that college is no small expense and that figuring out how to finance it can seem like a daunting process, especially with all those strange acronyms. But Temple’s committed to accessibility and affordability—always has been, always will be. So in that spirit, we present you with four tips to make earning that degree something that challenges your mind, not your wallet.
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Remember that FAFSA is your friend.
Actually, the F stands for Free (Application for Federal Student Aid). It’s that incredibly important application you should file in order to qualify for financial aid, which can be applied to whichever school you attend. Be sure to file by March 1.
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When it comes to loans, think federal first.
Loans offered through the federal government tend to have lower interest rates and more benefits than private loans.
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Seek out scholarships early.
Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Look for opportunities through your hometown, high school, employers and other organizations. (We’ve even heard about scholarships for duct-tape prom dresses. Really.) When you apply to Temple, you’re also automatically considered for academic scholarships.
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Make a plan.
Graduating on time is essential to limit how much you’re paying for school. Create a plan and meet with advisors regularly to ensure you’re fulfilling your requirements. Temple’s innovative Fly in 4 program helps you do just that.
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