… you realize Temple has great academic programs AND resources.
Temple University
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Temple people are coming through. When you come to Temple not only do you have a massive selection of majors to choose from (140+ in case you forgot) you’ll also have several special academic programs (research, creative work, teaching) to help set you up for success—and to help you become a force to be reckoned with.

While you’re, you know, preparing to follow your dreams and change the world we’ve got resources to support you so that there’s no reason you can’t succeed.
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For when you need help for that test that’s in, like, an hour: The Center for Learning and Student Success
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That time that you’re not sure what’s up with your paper, but you don’t want to leave your bedroom for help: The Writing Center
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When you just can’t even: Wellness Resource Center
Feel like you can accomplish anything?
We feel that way about you, too.
Come see what we’re made of!
Temple University

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
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