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Shanygne transferred to Temple.
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She comes from an Army family, so she’s lived all over. Shanygne studied public relations at a different university for a couple years. She did like the program there, but something was just off.

Even though that school had a talented faculty, the public relations program didn’t feel developed enough for Shanygne. She wanted a strong program, awesome faculty and a supportive environment. Is that too much to ask for? Definitely not—at least not at Temple.

She was going into her junior year and didn’t feel like she knew how to conduct herself in the professional world. With Temple on her side, that all changed quickly. The Klein College of Media and Communication has its own career center, where she could talk to experienced people in her field who could help her prep for job applications and interviews. The free headshots (impressive LinkedIn profile ✔) are pretty cool, too. What’s next for Shanygne? Landing her first job. #winning
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Without Temple, these alumni and students wouldn’t have the same impact on the world—and bragging rights—as they do today. Trust us, you won’t find anyone in the world like a Temple grad. #preach
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