Internships, jobs, changing the world—Temple will set you up to do it all
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Meet Tyler. She’s a senior.
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She’s from California. Temple’s business program was worth switching coasts for, and the campus TECH Center (one of the largest computer labs of its kind in the U.S.—#seriously) blew her away.

Tyler’s studying financial advising at the Fox School of Business, which emphasizes professional development. When Temple grad and founder of Northstar Resource Group (kind of a big-deal company that helps people be smart with their money) spoke at the school recently, Tyler introduced herself and they kept in touch.

By the following year, Tyler was interning at Northstar’s Phoenix office and accepted a job offer a few months later for a position in San Diego. How does it feel to have a job before graduation? Unreal.
Meet Haseeb. He’s an honors student.
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He’s from right outside Philadelphia. Where could he follow his passion for global health issues at a highly regarded university that’s not far from home? Temple. Obviously.

He’s studying biology and public health. It sounds intense, but Haseeb’s got it, especially with the support of his mentor, the Honors program director. There is one problem. Well, there was one problem.

Temple didn’t have a student organization that raises awareness about HIV and AIDS. NBD—Haseeb started his own. Now, Temple boasts the first-ever collegiate chapter of an international organization called Grassroots Soccer. Soccer is the common thread that’s bringing students together to spearhead fundraising and volunteerism for HIV and AIDS research and support. What’s next for Haseeb? Changing the world.
Meet some of the 300,000 people who will be in your network.
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Without Temple, these alumni and students wouldn’t have the same impact on the world—and bragging rights—as they do today. Trust us, you won’t find anyone in the world like a Temple grad. #preach
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