With a list of fun things to do in January, a video for your viewing pleasure and more!
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Two Temple students ice skating
Oh, January: 10 ways to pass the time this month
Hi! Welcome home-away-from-home! We’ve been thinking about you while you were away. And things you can do to start the new year off right. Like go ice skating and count the wings on Fetty Wap’s Robins and watch movies so important they should be called “films” and...oh, just read the list already. (Seriously, tho: We’re so glad you’re back; the nest felt really empty without you.)
Clip from the resolutions video
New year, new Nutshell video...
...new resolutions we’ll keep for at least a few weeks before we start to slack...no, wait! This year is going to be different, we swear. Check out the latest edition of Ask an Owl to find out what fellow students are aspiring to in 2016. And let’s all assume that a week and a half in they’re still going strong, K?
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