And download free emojis and watch b-ball and celebrate squirrels.
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Drawing of a food truck
The truck stops here: The Creperie
Crepes are not just the French version of pancakes, Owls, they’re the French version of pancakes stuffed with Nutella and berries. The French version of pancakes stuffed with barbecue ribs and ranch dressing. The French version of pancakes stuffed get the idea. Now get to reading this Nutshell review of the Creperie food truck, then don your beret and get to eating the French version of pancakes. Bon appetit!
Temple basketball player shooting
Reason no. 1776 to watch men’s basketball
Sorry, TECH Center, there’s a new club on campus. The Liacouras Center is now home to Club 1776, a courtside lounge where students can kick back, watch college b-ball both live and on big-screen TVs, and eat (free!) food during men’s basketball home games. Also Xbox.

Reason no. 1777? For every three-point shot the Owls make during the rest of this season, Fresh Grocer will donate a case of food to Philabundance. Reason no. 1778? Games are free to students.
Picture of a cell phone using the Temple emoji
The whole jawn
Philadelphia now has its own set of emojis, including quintessential Philly icons such as a cheesesteak, Ben Franklin...and a Temple T! Plus that jawn emoji you’ve always wanted. Get these and many more, as well as some GIFs and videos, for free at the Google Play or App store.
Squirrel on a tree
Aw, nuts
As we’re sure you’re aware, Thursday is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. (For real. It’s a thing.) To celebrate, we recommend you read these 10 fun facts about squirrels (They can find food buried beneath 10 feet of snow! Their teeth never stop growing!), and then hide your food under 11 feet of snow and run for your life. Also please enjoy our gift to you, an instantly Instagrammable photo of a #BrazenUrbanNinjaSquirrel.
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