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All 29 of them: 15 ways to pass the days in February
Is it just us, or does the shortest month of the year seem to last forever? And 2016 is a leap year, which means the longest shortest month is even loooooonger. Never fear, Owls; we’ve found lots of ways to pass the time, including tasty stuff like a taco night and productive stuff like a career fair and may-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor stuff like The Hunger Games and stuff like stuffing a teddy bear to give your Valentine.
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Do try this at home
Do you guys know about all the groundbreaking research happening at Temple? For example, a major breakthrough in the search for a cure to HIV. A study that found Uber is reducing drinking-and-driving deaths. Research on everything from sea turtles to the teenage brain to a new form of carbon that could make your computer run faster.
Clip from the video
In this video, a Temple physician and professor demonstrates a technique he pioneered, called mirror therapy, that’s used to treat pain in people missing a limb. He also explains how you can experience the “mirror effect”—a really, really weird feeling that occurs when you look at one hand moving in the mirror while the other is behind it—for yourself. Trust us, you have to try it. Both because the sensation is so cool and because it’s so cool to know this kind of work is happening right here at Temple.
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New State of the Art library
Credit: MIR and Snøhetta
Oh my gosh, you guys
The new library is going to be beautiful. (ICYMI, Temple is building a new state-of-the-art library. So state-of-the-art there will be robots.)
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