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Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
An illustration of a red food truck.
The Truck Stops Here: Temple Teppanyaki
Listen, Owls, we won’t dance—or shiver—around the issue: February is super-cold and the idea of standing in line for a meal you’ve never had before may sound super-awful. Luckily for you, your diligent and hungry friends at Nutshell braved the wintery mix (fine, it was a few flurries) to find you some perfect tummy-warming Japanese-Korean fusion fare with a wait time to write love songs about. Lol, you don’t write love songs about waiting in line for kimbap? Whatever. Just read our review of Temple Teppanyaki before trekking to try the delicious Asian cuisine yourself.

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An illustration of an owl with a light bulb, then dollar sign, above its head.
Cash me if you can
Is it us, or are crowds, like, one of the worst things to plague campus? Don’t they always seem to appear in your exact path at the exact wrong times? Well, guys, meet the one type of crowd that isn’t totally terrible: OwlCrowd. It’s actually a semesterly crowdfunding campaign that puts money where your mouth brain is. All you need is a good, tangible idea (maybe one that changes lives) and OwlCrowd does the rest. Some of last semester’s funded projects helped provide families with affordable produce and got the marching band new uniforms. Submit your idea by Feb. 20.

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Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Temple has partnered with Women Organized Against Rape to open a regional office on campus. It’s a 24/7 resource and it’s available now by calling 215-985-3333.
Industrious (adj): hardworking. As in, “The industrious Owls worked aggressively to apply by Feb. 10 to have their work included in the Undergraduate Research Forum and Creative Works Symposium.”
Men’s basketball plays the SMU Ponies on Thursday at the Liacouras Center at 9 p.m., which we know is usually past your bedtime but student tickets are free. So, um, go.
@GraceMaiorano: If all else fails, my plan is to open a food truck on Temple's campus.”

Hey, it worked for them.
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