Also cake! And 7 tips for writing the perfect résumé.
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Video still of ingredients for Nutella mudcake.
As easy as 1-2-3...
4. Making a Valentine’s Day present for your bae (or your side jawn) (or your own self) is as easy as 1-2-3-4 with this four-ingredient Nutella cake you can mix in a mug and bake in the microwave. The whole thing takes approximately two and a half minutes, including baking time and watching this Owl Hacks video that shows you how. So whether you’re celebrating love or eating your feelings, this warm, chocolatey cake is the perfect way to mark the most ____________ (romantic? corny? depressing? tender? overrated?) holiday of the year. Either way, we love you, Owls!
Let them eat cake
A picture of a squirrel eating pizza. "I Dare You"
You know the one
You know that file that’s collecting digital dust on your computer, the one named resume.doc? Well, dust it off. The end of the school year is only three months away, which means it’s time to get to work landing that dreamy internship or gazillion-dollar-a-year job. But before you add your latest skills (e.g., binge-watching Making a Murderer, mentally cursing violators of the TECH Center quiet zone, prying your pizza back from those unruly squirrels), read our tips for résumé writing.
7 tips for writing your résumé
Hooter the Owl (Temple's mascot) with balloons.
Most. fun. ever.
If you’ve been to a home basketball game, you know we’re barely exaggerating when we say they’re the most. fun. ever. If not, you’re missing out on the most. fun. ever. Either way, you have nine more chances this season to have the most. fun. ever. (Sorry, we’ll stop that now.) Upcoming dates include free T-shirts, more free T-shirts, a couple of whiteout games, a cherry-out game, Hooter’s birthday party and a ’90s night celebrating 25 years since Temple made it to the Elite Eight, complete with throwback prices (one. dollar. hot dogs!).
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