It’s (almost) V-Day. No boo? No money? No problem. Nutshell’s got you.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
A moving illustration of a shoelace forming into a heart.
Love Don’t Cost a Thing
...we all know that’s what JLo said, but let’s get real: Our boos so want to be taken out for Valentine’s Day and we so don’t want to spend a ton. Fear not, you love-struck Owls. We figured out seven things to do on a shoestring budget. Take the most romantic subway ride of your life (trust us, it’s cool), gaze into your S.O.’s eyes at the top of City Hall, hold hands as you watch the men’s and women’s basketball teams win and watch a machine destroy every single USB drive containing traces of your ex. OK, the last one might be awkward to do with your current main squeeze but there is a little something for everyone to make this the best (and least wallet-crushing) Valentine’s Day(s) ever.

    7 ways to show some love    
An illustration reading “I love TU.”
T(r)U(e) love
No bae? No prob. We can all get together and buy roses and chocolates to show our unrelenting, kind of obsessive love for Temple. Better yet, we can thank a donor for supporting Temple, eat excessive amounts of free food, play bingo and hear the stories of people who love this place as much as you do. Yup, it’s Student Philanthropy Week—and Wednesday’s also Russell Conwell’s birthday—so have some fun celebrating Temple and give early and often (or at least once, if you can).

    Show some Temple love    
A door sign denoting gender-inclusive housing.
Housing for all
Important news, Owls: Temple will begin offering gender-inclusive housing next fall, allowing students to find rooms with peers regardless of biological sex, gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation. Returning students can apply for the housing in select apartment-style rooms in Morgan North and Temple Towers. Learn more about gender-inclusive housing.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
We definitely did not cry over this Today story about the true love between a Temple sophomore and her dog. JK, of course we cried!!! Kayla & Russ <33333333
Yeoman (adj): performed in a loyal or useful manner. As in, “The Owls did the yeoman work of attending all the Career Week events—and landed jobs as a result.”
Remember to file your FAFSA by March 1 (’cause $$$). You can get help at workshops Feb. 17 or Feb. 24. Sign up at by searching FAFSA under Courses.

@a_gooodz: Temple sent out our newsletter with the subject as “cash me outside,” I love school”

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