Edit some important Wikipedia pages and reward yourself with chicken all ways.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
A moving illustration of a red food truck with icons of food on its side.
The Truck Stops Here: Chicken Heaven
Someone once said that heaven is a place on earth. To which we said back: Heaven is a food truck on Temple’s campus! Owls, say hello to Chicken Heaven—the truck with the cluck. With chicken BLTs, chicken cheesesteaks, chicken and ham, chicken fingers and chicken salad, it’s the go-to stop for breaded- and grilled-chicken aficionados alike. And if chicken isn’t your thing, don’t worry—as your loyal foodie friends at Nutshell found, the truck serves up an assortment of chicken-less platters, wraps and sandwiches that also taste like they were sent from above.

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An illustration of the famed Rosie the Riveter, using a paint roller.
I don’t know, what do you wanna do?
We wanna create Wikipedia pages about ourselves and write about how famous we are!!! Except they’d never get approved and that’d be totally counterproductive! So instead we’ll do the more worthwhile task of helping to clean up Wikipedia content related to art and feminism. ’Cause this week’s Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Paley aims to improve coverage of women and the arts and encourage female editorship. Which is pretty rad, since more than 4,600 pages have been created or improved through the 280 edit-a-thons that have been hosted around the world since 2014. BYO laptop.

Friday, March 3, 1:30–5 p.m., Digital Scholarship Center, Paley Library (register online)
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
How Temple women’s basketball players Feyonda Fitzgerald and Alliya Butts have built a healthy competition on the court and a lasting friendship off it.
Parkour (n): a sport of moving along a route with obstacles quickly and efficiently. As in, “Temple vlogger Brandon Kane’s parkour skills are highly questionable. You be the judge.”
Being your own boss is as easy as entering the Be Your Own Boss Bowl. The annual business plan competition is open to everyone in the TU community and offers big $$$ prizes. Register by March 6.

@Alexis_Donelle: Last semester at Temple and it's starting to sink in … gotta get involved as much as possible! Don't want to leave with any regrets”

We’re adding parkouring while eating chicken to our bucket list.

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