Learn about Nutshell’s new home and a group that’s got nada to do with yams.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
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What’s TUYA?
Have we ever told you how much we love the TUYA? Don’t you just dream about being part of the cool things the TUYA does? Wait, do you know what TUYA stands for? Turns out some of you don’t. ’Cause we took to the streets and asked—and one of you thought the Y stood for “yam.” YAM. We’re *still* shaking our heads. The TUYA is actually a super boss and important group, especially for you seniors (spoiler alert!!!). So, you soon-to-fly Owls, after you register for the March 22 Gradfest and begin the countdown to your departure (insert tear-stream emoji), go watch our video educating you on the magical power of the yam TUYA.

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A home for the squirrels
We know you’re pumped to power through this week and go crash on some sun-drenched beach (or your futon) for a relaxing spring break. Well, we’re pumped too. Because as much as we’ll miss you, we’re also heading somewhere. Where? Online, that’s where. NUTSHELL’S GOT SOME NEW DIGS AND WE’RE SO EXCITED. In addition to your favorite Monday morning email, you can also find all of Nutshell’s original stories and videos in one place without digging through your overloaded inbox. And now you can get your squirrel-joke fix wherever, whenever.

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Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
We love Temple’s global network. And we love when Temple’s global network brings together our international students and alumni. Like these Owls.
Runnel (n): A small stream or channel. “After a long day of work, the young Owls of the TUYA enjoyed gathering beside a quaint runnel to talk about Temple while they feasted on yams.”
MTVU featured some awesome videos about TU recently, including one about food trucks in which an Owl *actually* referred to a truck as the “Little Burrito Sandwich Truck.” Sigh.
@Will_Pepper: Are the berries on the bushes outside of Presser Hall safe to eat? @TempleUniv

Um, we’re gonna say no…
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