And then break ends. But! 16 fun things to do and a new shuttle service.
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Time marches on: 16 ways to spend time in March
And just like that, break is over. Soon the semester will be, too. Then the summer, then the year, the next thing you know you’ve graduated, you get a great job, meet your soulmate and settle down, have a couple of kids, adopt a puppy, maybe a cat if you’re a cat person, possibly a ferret but hopefully not, get a different (better) job, and before you know it your kids are all grown up, your kids are having kids, you retire and move to Florida, wish the kids would visit more often, and then you die. In the meantime, here’s some fun stuff to do in March!
16 fun things to do this month
Flight logo which is a drawing of a bus.
Take Flight (not Owl Loop or TUr Door)
There’s a new shuttle in town, and it’s called Flight. It is not, in fact, a plane. It’s Temple’s new, on-demand shuttle service, and it’ll be replacing Owl Loop and TUr Door as of March 14. Book a Flight (clever, right?) by downloading the TapRide app; shuttles will not only take you off campus to your residence, they’ll pick you up at home and bring you back to Temple. Read all about it here and here. Download the app here (iPhone) or here (Android). And check out Nutshell next week for more info.
Take Flight
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