The tournament, a new shuttle service, that pesky budget crisis. Let’s do it, Owls.
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Temple Owls basketball
Put on your prom dresses, Owls.
We have a date to the Big Dance.
Image still from a video about Flight
The end of an era a couple of shuttle services
It’s over. TUr Door and Owl Loop are done. Kaput. Finito. But like a phoenix from the flames rises a new shuttle service. It’s called Flight. It launches today. And it’s a big improvement on TUr Door and Owl Loop, which did not actually burn up; the whole flames thing was a metaphor. Anyway, here’s what you need to know: Flight will not only take you to your off-campus residence, it will pick you up at home and bring you back to school. On demand! Using Flight is easy once you’ve downloaded the TapRide app for iPhone or Android, but if you’re worried about getting stranded at the TECH, watch this video that shows exactly how to request your first ride (or read the FAQ).
The capital building in Harrisburg
Not even two minutes
So maybe you’ve heard about the budget crisis taking place in Pennsylvania state government right now. And maybe you stopped listening as soon as you heard, because boring. And because what effect could it possibly have on us here at Temple? A big one, actually. Last year, 11.5% of Temple’s budget came from state funding, and without that money the university faces a $175 million deficit that could result in layoffs and tuition increases, among other very bad things.

President Theobald has been in Harrisburg asking lawmakers to puhleez pass that budget and include funding for Temple. What can you do to help out? If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, take two minutes to send a prewritten letter to your state legislator asking him or her to approve Temple’s funding. Because important.
Contact your legislator
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