Actually, we’re goin’ home. But we are getting a taste of Rome.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
An illustration of a squirrel in front of a computer screen with a search bar.
A home for the squirrels
Hiya, Owls. We hope you had a truly relaxing spring break lounging on some tropical, sun-drenched beach (or on your futon at home, cursing the blizzard-that-wasn’t). Since you asked, our break was great—’cause we also went home. Where, you ask? Online, that’s where. Nutshell’s got some new digs and we’re SO excited. Now, in addition to your favorite Monday morning email, you can also find all of our original stories and videos in one place without digging through your overloaded inbox.

    Check out Nutshell’s new home    
An image of a Temple women’s basketball player shooting a ball.
Hoot, hoot, hoops
The women’s basketball team spent its spring break doing what it does best: ROCKING. That’s right, the Owls got invited to the NCAA tournament and pulled off a victory in the first game Saturday night against Oregon. And in case you missed watching them ROCK, you can see them do it again tonight on TV or at a campus watch party. Get all the details you need at
An Italian flag illustration made from basil, spaghetti and tomatoes.
(Temple) Rome wasn’t built in a day
...and we really have no idea how long it took, but we do know that Temple Rome has been around for 50 years, which is reason to celebrate. Celebrate with food, that is. This Wednesday, Temple’s inviting a whole bunch of guest trucks to campus for a Food Truck Festa. Which is sort of like every other day on campus except with awesome additions and an emphasis on Italian specials. Even Hooter’s showing up. Best part? It’s just one of several events this week bringing the Eternal City to the Eternal Campus.

Food Truck Festa: Wednesday, March 22, 11 a.m.–2 p.m., Bell Tower
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Follow the signs, Owls. No, really. Those signs popping up around campus are meant to enhance visibility and consistency (and help you not get lost after a week away).
Crestfallen (adj): Sad and disappointed. As in, “The students left for break and their friends at Nutshell were left crestfallen. But then they did some cool stuff online and all was right with the world.”
Temple’s official colors are cherry and white. Wait, you knew that. But do you know *why* they’re cherry and white? The Cherry Crusade is here to explain.
@314eater: the only bad thing about @TempleUniv is that its impossible to choose which food place to eat at. so many choices.”

Your choice will be even tougher on Wednesday.
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