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Networking it's kind of a big deal
Cherry on top
Spring has sprung, Owls. Tis the season to soak up the sun at Beury Beach between classes, eat your first Mister Softee of the year and land that summer or postgrad job. So slap on some sunscreen, listen for the dulcet tinkle of the ice cream truck and start plastering your résumé on all the windshields in Philadelphia. Or better yet, lounge at Beury eating ice cream and reading these seven tips for finding jobs to apply for and making the connections you need to actually get one.
Kickstart your job search
Owls waiting in line to vote
Voting: It’s kinda important
Temple Student Government election season is short and sweet, unlike the current race for president of the United States, which if we recall correctly kicked off in 1902 and will finally conclude this November (we’re casting our ballot for Boaty McBoatface). And you don’t have to wait till fall (or leave your house) to participate: Online voting for Temple Student Government representatives starts at midnight tomorrow and goes until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. Not sure who’s running? There’s a debate this afternoon, or you can read all about the candidates and their platforms from the comfort of your couch. Why should you care? Because TSG has a direct effect on U.S. foreign policy, immigration and healthcare. Wait, wrong race: Because TSG represents student interests to university administration and has a direct effect on your academic and social life at Temple.
Vote starting Tuesday at midnight
Owl illustration holding a one hundred dollar bill
I don’t know, what do you wanna do?
We wanna learn how to budget our money (all $17 of it), manage our debt and negotiate our first salaries. Well, our moms want us to do those things, anyway. But we love our moms (and our money), which is why we’ll be attending the Owl About the Money live event next week. Test your financial knowledge by playing a football-themed video game with Matt Rhule, get advice from Student Financial Services counselors and learn why you should start saving right now. Both you and your mom will be glad you went.
Tuesday, April 5, various times and locations; get owl the details (hahaha, get it?).
We’ll email you every Monday morning; you can contact us whenever you want. We’d love to hear your feedback and story ideas, or anything else you think we should know.
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