Go vote, shine in a video and order some business cards.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
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Celebrate V-Day
It’s that special day of the year, and you’ll want to spend it in a special place with that special someone. As in, on a computer and alone. It’s Voting Day!!! Actually, it’s Voting DAYS for Temple Student Government. You have tomorrow and Wednesday to choose who your boos leaders will be next year. It’s a big deal because TSG can wield lots of influence when it comes to student issues. Learn more about the tickets, Connecting TU and ActivateTU, and remember to vote.

    Vote April 4-5    
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Shine bright like a diamond
Move over, Stella. There are some other public faces of Temple and they’re … yours. Now’s your chance to shine in some blockbuster-worthy videos showcasing how amazing Temple is. All you have to do is sign up, suit up and show up. (JK, wear whatever you want. Except those flannel PJs you love a little too much.) So if you’re interested in being on camera for some university brand video shoots on campus and around the city on April 11 and April 17–18, fill out this form.

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Gettin’ paper
The end of the semester is looming, and there are projects to finish and jobs to get and internships to snag and, oh yeah, paper (business cards) to be got. That’s definitely proper English. Anyway, we’re making that last part super easy. Temple has set up a system for students to order professional business cards, with several layout options for you to choose from—all of which include cherry, of course. You can order 250 cards for $14.95, which includes shipping.

    Place your order    
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Do you know what to do when the TUsiren blares? Well, it’s going to THIS THURSDAY, so you should. Here’s everything you need to know about Temple’s first-ever shelter-in-place drill.
Psephology (n): the study of elections. As in, “After the student government election this week, the Owls can take part in psephology to examine the outcome.”
Don’t forget: You have plans at 1 p.m. Saturday. Check out the lacrosse team take on Villanova at Howarth Field (yes, that beautiful complex near the McDonald’s on Girard). There will be free T-shirts while supplies last.
@bobsaget: My almamater, @TempleUniv always used the finest card stock. Excited to be here hosting and honoring my professor Lew Klein @TUKleinCollege

Danny Tanner is basically saying to get biz cards.
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