Or the Caribbean Feast food truck. And a thank-you fest, a play that’s not about pretzels and your own personal photo shoot.
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The truck stops here: Caribbean Feast
We know you have lots to do before you finish the semester and drive off into the sunset to spend your summer tanning at the Jersey Shore. There are final papers to write and final exams to ace and final oxtails to eat. You know, oxtails. Wait, you don’t know oxtails? Read this Nutshell review of the Caribbean Feast food truck (it turns out an oxtail is not actually the tail of an ox) and then go eat like you’re on the soft Caribbean sands of Ocean City, N.J.
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Thank you being written in cursive
BYO thanks
Not only is it Second-to-Last-Full-Week-of-Classes Week here at Temple, it’s also Thank A Donor Week, during which the university makes it real easy to, well, thank a donor. Take five minutes this week to write a personal thank-you note to one of the more than 39,000 people whose donation supports your education. The university will supply pens and note cards (and some Temple treats) at 13 campus locations; you bring the gratitude (and your fanciest cursive). Check out the full schedule for details.
Two women dancing
I don’t know, what do you wanna do?
We wanna learn about some Pennsylvania history that doesn’t involve William Penn or pretzels. And we like our history when it’s on a stage. Which is why we’re going to see A Fierce Kind of Love, a play that tells the stories of Pennsylvania activists who fought for the rights of children with disabilities over the past 50 years. Based on the true accounts of parents, teachers, siblings and friends, and featuring a cast of mixed abilities, this uplifting play inspires—kinda like when Billy Penn invented the pretzel. Wait a second...

April 7–17, various times, Christ Church Neighborhood House,
20 N. American St., suggested donation $10, including a post-performance discussion
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Are you a graduating senior?
Congratulations! Before you leave, we want an answer to that question you’ve been asked a million times in the past six months: What are you doing after graduation? Tell us all about your new job or grad school plans or trip to outer space by emailing social@temple.edu, and you might be included in this year’s #NextStop Instagram campaign.
We’ll email you every Monday morning; you can contact us whenever you want. We’d love to hear your feedback and story ideas, or anything else you think we should know.
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