...and where job interviews are held in parks, a stadium is a possibility and we aren’t afraid to ask the what ifs about the what ifs.
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An owl walking through a tree-filled park.
Walking in the park
Seriously, guys, that upcoming job interview is really just a walk in the park. You know, if the park was actually an office and instead of your bestie you were hanging with a stranger in a suit who just happens to have control over your future. And if all you had to do during your leisurely stroll was maintain good eye contact, but not stare, and smile often, but not too often, and eloquently explain your credentials and your lifelong hopes and dreams and you know, get hired! Breathe, Owls. Then read our five ways to walk in the park nail the interview.
Get the job
Temple Student Government leaders interviewing President Neil D. Theobald.
The game plan
We don’t know if you’ve heard, but Temple might build a stadium. Wait, you actually didn’t hear about the football stadium? It’s only, like, a big proposal for Main Campus. Kindly crawl out from the pile of coursework you’ve been living under this semester cause we’re sure you’ll have lots of questions. Your curious leaders in Temple Student Government did, so they posed them to President Theobald and got lots of answers. Check out highlights from the interview or watch the full-length version. Or check out this handy FAQ about the project.
An illustration of Temple’s iconic Bell Tower.
I don’t know, what do you wanna do?
What if all the rabid squirrels on Main Campus disappeared? Would trash cans be safe to use again? What if Richie’s discontinued the breakfast wrap? Where would the hashbrowns and breakfast meats live in harmony? What if we lived in a world where we could all come together and answer all the what ifs?

Wait, we do. Head over to the Bell Tower tomorrow for the What If - Innovation Festival and learn about the innovative technologies and businesses your fellow Owls and Philadelphians have started. And don’t forget to sign up for Part II at Mitten Hall.
Get the deets
Tuesday, April 19
Tower Takeover, 11 a.m.–3 p.m., Bell Tower, free
Lightning Talks, 7 p.m.–9:30 p.m., Mitten Hall, free (registration required)
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