...would be weird. But the gourmands at Nutshell would be down to try it.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
A picture of a piece of toast with the Temple T on it.
Let them eat toast
Mark your calendars: Temple Toast is April 25. Yup, that’s tomorrow. It’s the one day of the year when everyone in the TU community joins forces to show our Temple pride by eating boatloads of warm breakfast carbs!!! Actually, it’s the one day of the year when everyone gives back to the university to support its mission. Because as much as we want a branded slice of bread, we’d rather leave our mark by donating to an area of the university we love. So make a gift (no amount is too small) and spread the word like cherry jam by using #TempleToast.

    Toast to Temple    
A moving illustration of food trucks.
The Truck Stops Here: The Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck
It’s so easy to get lost in the Montgomery Avenue sea of egg-and-cheese on long rolls and pizza and meat over rice platters. Can some Owls get an oasis, or what? Like a tropical one? Oh right, we can. Just stop by The Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck, where that little steamer is slinging Earth’s candy in liquid form on the reg. We’re talking fruit and veg smoothies of whatever combination you want to get you through those spring days lounging on Beury Beach (and, um, finals). You can’t survive on coffee and pretzels alone. OK, we’re not your momma so we aren’t going to force you to eat your vegetables—but we would not be disappointed at all if you read this review.

    Get your fruits & veggies    
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Wouldn’t it be cool to be a Temple grad who ends up in a job involving regular phone calls with Michael Jordan? It is so cool for this Fox alumnus who’s now prez of Nike’s Jordan Brand.
Gourmand (n): A person who enjoys eating and who often eats in abundance. As in, “The gourmands at Nutshell ate a loaf’s worth of toast after toasting Temple during Temple Toast.”
Temple occupational therapy students are celebrating the program’s 50 years with a music video. With, like, Drake and Chainsmokers music. It’s the kind of thing you just need to watch.
@lyonsrrachel: honestly where was the tu alert to notify me of Joe Jonas on campus @TempleUniv

We were saving it for Flo Rida.
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