...that may sound like a strange outfit choice. But you can wear whatever you’d like as you explore Temple’s answer to Epcot, fill out your feedback forms and watch the Broad Street Run.
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Stella, Temple’s live mascot owl, wearing a Mickey Mouse ear hat.
Just like Disney World: Nine things to do during finals
Ah, enchanting kingdoms, exotic animals, towering roller coasters—where else can you feel the magic and splendor of Walt Temple World? Oh, right. That’s Disney World. Sorry. Temple does have some pretty spectacular attractions in the works, including an Epcot-inspired food truck event, therapy dogs at Paley Library and Frisbee golf. Also: more food. Today Grillmaster Neil D. Theobald is cooking for you. So slip on some rodent ears and check out these nine things to do during finals.
Nine things to do
A keyboard with keys representing happiness, sadness and neutrality.
Not your flip flops
Between Orlando and studying, remember to tend to your SFFs. No, not your Spring Flip Flops—your Student Feedback Forms. (e-SFFs, more specifically.) While they’re not your warm weather footwear, the evaluation forms help improve your student experience and give you access to a boatload of feedback data that can help you select courses in the future. You have until this Thursday, April 28, at 8 a.m. to complete them.
A black-and-white illustration of running shoes.
Flying south
Guys, we’re sorry to break this to you, but tons of Owls have been preparing for months to fly south this Sunday. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t goodbye—it’s a see you soon at mile 4. Cause by fly we mean run and by south we mean down Broad Street. Head to Temple’s Broad Street Run Cheering Station this weekend and show your support for the dedicated runners of Philadelphia as they pass the fourth mile of the 10-mile course.

Sunday, May 1, 8 a.m.–10:30 a.m., Broad Street & Polett Walk, free (registration required)
Video still of Temple Owls surprising 2016 Commencement speaker Yanna Savkova.
The pep talk
Need some end-of-the-semester inspiration? Watch how Owl pride can pop up at the most unlikely times.
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