Plus 10 more fun things to do (and eat) in April, a gnome wearing shades and the pledge you need to sign right now
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A squirrel in a party hat with a party blowout.
New year, new you, same ol’ Nutshell
It’s a new year, Owls. Let’s all gather round to watch a ginormous glittery ball drop incredibly slow and toss confetti and post resolutions we’ll never keep all over Facebook! Or better yet, let’s get back to class and falling asleep at the TECH and reading your fave student newsletter every Monday. That’d be Nutshell, since we’re the only one. HA. Welcome back, guys. We missed you. It felt like 117 days. (It was 117 days.)
Illustration of students in front of chalkboard reading “The 2020 Club.”
And new kids on the block
Since we’ve been seeing some new faces, let’s all go around and say our names, where we’re from and an interesting personal fact. KIDDING! That’s for your classes! We’ll make it easy: The new kids on the block campus are part of the 2020 Club, they’re from 65 countries and they’re SO SMART. The average freshman high-school GPA is 3.56 (a record) and the average freshman SAT score is 1170 (that’d be another record). So, returning Owls, go ahead and introduce yourself to the new Owlets. Tip: Many are named Matthew and Emily.
20 facts about the Class of ’20
An illustration of two slices of bread, one with peanut butter, one with jelly.
PB Temple time
What do you get when you have one hour in a room with 4,475 pounds of peanut butter, 3,800 pounds of jelly and 1,875 loaves of bread? A lottttttt of PB&J (like 40,000+). Also, a Guinness World Record (jelly-crusted fingers crossed). All Temple still needs for PB&J Day: you and your sandwich-making skills. What Temple doesn’t need: your empty stomach, because all the sandwiches will be donated to local food shelters.

Monday, Sept. 19, 5 p.m.–7 p.m., Liacouras Center (volunteer registration available Aug. 29–Sept. 12)
Make some PB&J
An illustration of a film reel, baseball glove and cake slice.
Ryan Gosling, Ryan Howard, cake
As much as we loved last school year, we are def ready for another that’s bigger and better. Because you know what they say… When one door closes, another opens with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Howard and cake. Literally no one has ever said that. But it IS a new school year and you CAN see the Gos (or his movie), Howard (& the rest of the Phillies) and eat cake (a big one) thanks to the cool stuff going on in the weeks ahead. Just read this roundup of ways to ring in the semester.
See the Ryans
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Grit is Maryam Hallaj’s middle name. Not really, but it might as well be. Learn about the senior’s path from the U.S. to Syria to Temple.
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Acrophobia (n): Extreme fear of heights. As in, “The minute she stepped on campus and became an Owl, her acrophobia subsided.”
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Student Financial Services' home is being renovated so SFS can now be found on Floor 2 of 1700 N. Broad St. (AKA Next to Wendy’s.)
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"@MandyRyan30: I swear no one else does balloon arches better than @TempleUniv #TUWelcome"

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