So good we had to stop and take your picture.
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You’re looking good, Owls. Real good. So good we had to stop and take your picture.
Looking good
Ying Zhang
Ying Zhang, Class of 2016

Norristown, Pennsylvania

How would you describe your style?
“Pastel trash.”
Sharee Cole
Sharee Cole, Class of 2016


How would you describe your style? “Comfortable. I wear a lot of belly shirts, tank tops. I don’t overdo it, though. No heels; that’s not me.”
Iman Salam
Iman Salam, Class of 2016
Speech pathology

Beirut, Lebanon

How would you describe your style?
“Modest with a twist of bohemian. And I like to match, but if I’m wearing black and white like this, I use my scarf as a pop of color.”
Leave no doubt
Temple University Football
Speaking of looking good, Temple football is looking good. And so is the Diamond Marching Band. Let’s all look good together this weekend: There’s a pep rally on Friday afternoon at the Bell Tower and a game on Saturday against they who must not be named. (Nah, we’re not afraid: It’s against Penn State, and they’re going dowwwwwwwn.)
Check out all the details, including how to get your free ticket, your free ride to the game, your free food at the pregame tailgate...
13 answers to the $35,000 question
Kitten Gif
We asked incoming freshmen how they’d spend $35,000, the cost of attending school for a fifth year and the amount they’ll save by graduating on time. Those crazy kids would invest in Mexican restaurants (“burritos are the future!”) and buy lottery tickets with their riches. If you’re a freshman and haven’t yet signed up for Fly in 4, you have until this Friday, Sept. 4, to take flight. Or enroll in the program, anyway.
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