Or at least see him during Homecoming, then go to Rome. Also: be quiet.
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A moving illustration of “50” with various objects replacing the zero.
Old pizza
Sei vecchio! Wait, you don’t speak Italian? Well this year is Temple University Rome’s 50th anniversary and that means “happy anniversary!” (Actually, it means “you’re old,” but you get the point.) To celebrate, consider studying in the city that wasn’t built in a day! Lucky for you, it’s Study Abroad Week and getting info about going abroad is as easy as ricotta pie. Do you have to know Italian? No. Should you like pizza? Duh. Are you and Rome soulmates? We can’t help you with that, but here are some signs you should go ASAP.
5 signs you should study in Rome
An illustration of golf carts and a banner reading Homecoming 2016.
Nick Cannon’s golf cart
Nothing says coming home like some golf carts coming around the corner. Not really, but Nick Cannon is coming to campus and bringing his MTV show and there will be a parade of golf carts for some reason. Also in store for Homecoming 2016, which happens next week: glow yoga, cake and football. Here’s what’s going on, day by day.
Go to Homecoming 2016
SAn illustration of an owl reading while wearing headphones.
Escape the room noise
Yup, Owls. It’s that time of the year, when the studying ramps up and the noise seems to follow. Good thing there are some solid spots of quiet serenity on campus. We present you with five.
Find your quiet zone
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Temple is building a tiny house. Which is just like a house, but tiny. And while it’s a rather small abode, it’s big in innovation.
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Loquacious (adj): Talkative. As in, “The loquacious junor’s incessant chitchat caused all the other students to vacate the quiet room.”
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Studying abroad is not out of reach (unless, of course, you refuse to get in an airplane). Just don’t believe those silly myths.
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@carissatirotto: The new soccer field at @TempleUniv is so nice 😭.”

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