The answer: To do. Definitely to do. 23+ things to do in October and beyond.
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In a nutshell
As Hamlet kind of said, “To do or not to do: That is the question.” And as Nutshell answered, “To do, definitely to do.” And then we made you lists of more than 20 things to do on campus and off in October and beyond.
Fall Owl
Something for every Owl: 14 ways to spend October
October? Already? Time sure does fly. Much like an owl, soaring across the bright blue sky on a crisp fall day. Much like an Owl, playing Quidditch or going to a musical or eating gelato at the Bell Tower or doing one of the other 11 things on this awesome list we made just for you.
Homecoming isn’t
just for alumni anymore
Now it’s also for Fetty Wap. And you, Owls—there will be a metaphorical fall harvest of fun stuff for students at Homecoming weekend. Golf-cart parade? Homecoming. Owlchella concert? Homecoming. Homecoming Pageant? That would be Homecoming.
Beyond football: Fall sports at Temple
Unless you live under a rock, which hopefully you don’t, because yuck, you know about Temple football. That Owls have been kicking Minuteman and Bearcat and AND NITTANY LION butt on the gridiron. But football isn’t the only Owls team to watch this fall. Here’s a quick guide to some of Temple’s other fall sports.
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