The future includes autonomous cars and tacos for all.
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A gif reading “Answer This” and depicting traffic scenarios.
Ask and you shall receive
We don’t know about you, Owls, but we’re so sick of trying to figure out what the future holds. We don’t even know what we want for lunch! And what do we want to do with our lives and how much money will we make and where should we retire? Also, what’s the deal with those super-fascinating, sorta-creepy, not-gonna-happen-in-our-lifetime driverless cars that are definitely happening in our lifetime? We asked, and Temple’s Benjamin Seibold answered. Watch him talk about squirrel-free islands for retirement how self-driving cars could affect traffic in the coming years.

    Get the answer    
An illustration of a red food truck with a fork, plate and knife.
The Truck Stops Here: Mexican Grill Stand
They say the best things come in small packages. We’re not sure who they are, but we’re sure they’re wrong. The best things come in tortillas! Tortillas with chicken, tortillas with chorizo, tortillas with zucchini and tortillas on top of other tortillas. ¿Comprende? So in recognition of National Taco Day tomorrow, Hispanic Heritage Month and the fact that you never actually need a holiday to eat tacos, Nutshell reviews the Mexican Grill Stand.

    Eat some tortillas    
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Temple alumni rock. Literally. Meet alumnus Dan Campbell, who fronts the band The Wonder Years. The group has toured 49 states and 31 countries.
Búho (n): The Spanish word for “owl.” As in, “A los Búhos de la Universidad de Temple les gustó tanto su boletín estudiantil Nutshell, que lo compartieron con sus amigos y familia.”
Founder Russell Conwell reportedly gave his famed “Acres of Diamonds” speech 6,152 times. Aaaand that’s how the word tenacity became synonymous with Temple.
@jtn_x0: Temple University has blessed me with an abundance of delicious food options. My ♡ belongs here.”

We hope your ♡ has met the Mexican Grill Stand.
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