Remember that time we told you where to eat lunch and what to do this weekend and how to earn $12 an hour?
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Pope Francis
Remember that time...
Remember that time Temple students started a cooperative café on campus and the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a story about it? It’s called Rad Dish. It’s at Ritter Hall. It’s got a hummus grilled cheese that will make you wonder why we haven’t all been putting hummus on our grilled cheeses since the dawn of time.
Remember that time...
BuzzFeed - 10 Senior Year Moments We Remember All Too Well
Remember that time Temple sponsored a post on BuzzFeed? We did it again! Those 10 Senior Year Moments We Remember All Too Well, hahaha LOL.
Remember that time...
Remember that time we were hiring student interns and asked you to apply? Of course you don’t, because it hasn’t happened yet. BUT IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.
Kid at Desk with Paper Bag over Head
Guys! We’re hiring a couple of student content producers! If you can write your way out of a paper bag (remember that time you were trapped in a paper bag?), have an eagle eye for grammatical errors and love all things Temple, please apply.
Remember that time...
Remember that time we told you about all the stuff for students at Homecoming this weekend? Well, we’re telling you again, because Tailgate Village and the Tyler Art Market and a golf-cart parade and and and...
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