Pop-up-party time, that is.
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Pride is poppin’
Temple is having a spectacular fall, so we’re throwing a party to celebrate. Lots of parties, actually. Know any fellow Owls or professors who really get their cherry on? Is your mom a grad who wears her Temple T-shirt whenever she leaves the house? Nominate them for a pop-up pride party, and we might come shower them with cherry and white in their natural habitats. Our first celebration, for Comcast employee Nick Jimenez, FOX ’08, was in a conference room at his office, but we’ll visit classrooms, dorm rooms, your mom’s living room...
Pop-up Party
Nominate your favorite Owls by tagging them with #TemplePopUp or emailing social@temple.edu. (Students, alumni, faculty and staff are all eligible.)
Speaking of Temple’s spectacular fall...
Enjoy the view, Owls: This is how it looks when you’re perched among the top 25 college football teams in America. That’s right: THE TOP 25 FOOTBALL TEAMS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. After Saturday’s win, Temple ranked No. 22 in the Associated Press Top 25 Poll, which is the first national ranking for Temple football since the end of the 1979 season (according to the mathletes we consulted, that’s 36 years ago, i.e., before most of you were born). #cantstopwontstop
We the T | Temple Spirit animated gif
What the TUSQ is TUSQ?
If you don’t know, you’re in good company. See how fellow Owls answered this question, and then listen as an expert sets us straight. (Spoiler alert: The Temple University Student Questionnaire is a student survey the university uses to find out what you think of Temple, and then uses that info to improve your experience.)
Temple student talking about the Temple University Student Questionnaire
Kid at Desk with Paper Bag over Head
Speaking of TUSQ...
How many hours a week do you spend studying? How often do you meet with professors? How honest are you? (Spoiler alert: According to your answers on the TUSQ administered last spring, you’re very, very honest.) Find out what 6,035 Owls think about all things Temple.
We’ll email you every Monday morning; you can contact us whenever you want. We’d love to hear your feedback and story ideas, or anything else you think we should know.
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