...or maybe it’s just a myth.
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A man with wearing Santa pants and a Temple “T” painted on his chest.
Um, who are you supposed to be?
We have so many good ideas for Halloween! We’re going to make the most epic costumes campus has ever seen! The second we post our costumes on Instagram, the pic is going to go viral and Ellen DeGeneres is gonna call us! Aaaaand we’re so out of time. You’re sneaky, Oct. 31. We had so many big plans until you showed up. Fear not, Owls: The night of witches, ghouls and clowns—jk, enough with the clowns—can also be the night of the cherry and the white. Here are six costumes that incorporate your favorite colors.

    Suit up     
Ghosts floating above a graveyard next to Peabody Hall and the Bell Tower.
Legends Myths of the hidden Temple
So, you’re walking through campus and there are, like, no squirrels anywhere. Suddenly you feel a chill down your back. Yeah, it’s probably just the wind. NBD. But….*maybe* it’s a ghost (Hi, Russell Conwell) on its way to 7-Eleven. So bingeing on scary movies this month might be affecting our judgment. (#BlairWitchProjectForeverrrrrrr) DYK: North Broad Street has some creepy history—history that makes us want to plug in a nightlight, just in case there is some truth behind Temple’s spookiest myths. Here are four campus myths worth knowing, or that you might regret knowing...

    Get spooked     
A rotating series of student’s faces with zombie makeup.
Keep calm and be a zombie
Oops. We forgot to tell you last week that the zombie apocalypse starts today. BYE! But really, Temple’s awesome theater makeup class learned how to zombie-fy with special effects makeup. Is The Walking Dead hiring??? We’ve got some talented Owls here and the photos to prove it.

    See more braaaaaaiiiinnnsssssssss     
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Like handicrafts? So does Melissa Krug. That’s why this doctoral student is traveling to Peru in January to research how fair trade impacts local artisans.
Snackcident (n): An accident involving eating too many snacks. As in, “Nutshell predicts that Halloween candy will induce many snackcidents.”
Not being informed on Election Day is scary. On Nov. 3 the C-SPAN Campaign 2016 Bus is going to be outside the Student Center from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. with cool interactive resources.
@keep_rhule: That guy on the @TempleUniv campus that's wearing a PSU hoodie …”

Now THAT is one scary costume.
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