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Need to know
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s...November? When did this happen? (Yesterday, apparently.) Anyway, we’ve made you a list of 11 things to do this month. Need to chill but don’t have Netflix? We’ve recommended some movies. Need help writing that research paper? We tell you where to find it. Need to dress up and dance while cruising down the Delaware? Really? You need to dress up and dance while cruising down the Delaware? That’s pretty specific—but we’ve got you covered.
Pop-up Party
Pop-up pride strikes again
Nothing like the marching band in your lecture hall at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday! This time we visited Professor Sam Hodge’s Law and Society class, and, boy, were you surprised. Once you woke up, that is. Wanna nominate your favorite Owls for their own pop-up pride party? Tag them with #TemplePopUp or email Students, alumni, faculty and staff are all eligible.
#CherryOn Friday
As in get your Cherry On. On Fridays. Because pride, obviously. And because prizes! “Cherry pickers” roam campus on Fridays, awarding prizes to Owls wearing cherry. And various businesses offer discounts for students with their Cherry On. For example, if you want free chips or a soda with your purchase, wear cherry to Mexican Post on Fridays. ¡Olé!
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