Make decisions about TSG and don’t make decisions about breakfast meats.
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Illustrations of parliament campaign posters for Temple mascots and a squirrel.
That four-letter word...
Vote. Hear us out. We know that we’re all fresh off an exhausting election season that seemed to start 598 years ago, but there’s another election that needs your attention—Temple Student Government’s election. Here’s the deal: TSG is implementing a new governance model designed to better work for YOU and it’s called Parliament (’cause that’s what a bunch of Owls is called). With members representing each school and college, all class years and mascot species various interests, the new 37-member structure will bring together students from across Temple to discuss important issues that affect the student experience. The online voting system, which will tailor the seats you can vote for based on your school and other factors, goes live at midnight tonight and is open through Wednesday. So please, go vote. It matters. Always.

An illustration of a food truck.
The Truck Stops Here: Ray’s
Speaking of making important decisions, aren’t you sick of choosing between bacon and sausage? Us too. Which is why we went to Ray’s, where you don’t have to choose. This truck’s popular breakfast wrap gives you *both* (plus eggs and peppers and onions). But don’t stop by just for that. Go for all the greasy-spoon, comfort-food goodness—you know, the chicken parm sandwich, the cheesesteak, and the Eric B. What, you’ve never had an Eric B.? In Nutshell’s latest food truck review, we got the story behind the funny name by going to the source: the owner of Ray’s, whose name is not, um, Ray.

    Try the Eric B.     
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Learn how a U.S. Navy veteran and the recipient of the scholarship established by Tina Fey’s family is leaving her mark by helping other vets.
Deleterious (adj): Harmful; injurious. As in, “The Owl, refraining from deleterious behavior, decided against eating a ninth ice cream cone at J&H.”
Temple generates an estimated $4 billion for the Philadelphia region annually. AKA, the work we do is super, super important and you should never forget it.
@reesekeitsock: Bucket list: Visit every food truck at Temple.”

We’re basically #twinning. See No. 12 on our bucket list.
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