We’re going to a bowl game! Right after we eat some Korean food.
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Two Temple football players and mascot Hooter emerging from a football stadium.
That’s how we roll bowl
Owls! Did you hear about the bowl? No, not the thing responsible for your third-grade haircut. The Military Bowl!!! Our great, determined, never-quitting AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS got the invite yesterday to conclude an epic weekend. We’re still feeling that kind of pride when you can’t think of words and nothing comes out and you feel kinda dumb so instead we’re going to send you here to get all the info you need about our Dec. 27 return to Annapolis.

An illustration of a red food truck with beams of light behind it.
The Truck Stops Here: Kobawoo Express
Move over, avocados—there’s a new hot food on the scene and it’s called kimchi. (Actually, it’s been a thing for centuries, ever since Koreans started burying cabbage in jars beneath the ground.) All you need to know is that it’s funky, spicy and yummy, and all you need to get some is a shovel stop at Kobawoo Express. And now that you’ve got your new friend kimchi down—smelly ✔ spicy ✔ awesome ✔—let’s introduce you to the rest of the squad. Meet bulgogi, kalbi and miso in Nutshell’s review of Kobawoo Express.

    Try the kimchi     
Two professionals meeting with chicken wings surrounding them..
I don’t know, what do you wanna do?
We want to go find our future business wingpeople and talk shop while eating wings. No, really. So that’s what we’re gonna do at the Blackstone LaunchPad’s Find Your Wingman event tomorrow night. It’s the perfect opportunity for Owls whose entrepreneurial spirit is in their bones (or, um, wings). Whether you want to run your own biz, work for a startup—or you’re a hacker, a designer or just a super genius and creative thinker—you should go to meet some like-minded friends. And go to eat some wings (and pizza).

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 4 p.m., Blackstone LaunchPad (Student Center), free
(registration recommended)

Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
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@DanielleDee_x3: Cold asf but proud of the Temple football team”

Watching some TU football is always the cure.
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