Find job opportunities with a new app, and don’t forget your bowling tickets.
Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
Two girls laughing with a play button to indicate a video.
Who’s in this picture?
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... Sally? Really guys? In the spirit of finals (here’s your friendly reminder that they start this week), we took to the streets of campus with a portrait of one of our Temple favorites and quizzed you crazy Owls for a name. Some passed with flying colors—and flailing arms. Others showed they needed to study their own university a tad more. You’ll get the picture.

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An illustration of a cell phone as an open door with light beams and “jobs” shining through the opening.
Getting the recipe job
Have you guys seen that Tasty video??? You know, the one with the deep-fried mac and cheese balls wrapped in bacon and fried again before being dunked into sriracha mayonnaise. Just kidding, we know you’ve been too busy finding internships and jobs on the new LinkedIn Students app to mess with Tasty. Right? LinkedIn Students shows you career paths based on your major and interests. Temple’s partnered with the company so you’ll see OwlNetwork job postings, too. Just download the app and you can log in with an existing LinkedIn profile or answer a few questions. What you’ll also see: helpful tips, industry news and alumni with similar backgrounds (and the jobs they’ve landed). What you won’t see: Videos that make you think cooking dinner will only take 28 seconds.

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An illustration of a ticket roll with “bowl” stamped on each ticket.
Stop! Ticket time.
ICYMI: Tickets to the Dec. 27 bowl game are on sale and you get a discount! Get yours soon, ’cause we need the Cherry and White to cover Annapolis to cheer on the Owls as they take down some Demon Deacons. Yes, Wake Forest’s mascot is the Demon Deacon. Yes, we’re a little confused and slightly disturbed. Has anyone warned Hooter about this?

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Nutshell | A Newsletter for Temple students
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Temple knows that entrepreneurship isn’t just a business jawn, it’s a way of thinking that helps students of all majors—and we got the rankings to prove it.
Say alt_text
Resplendent (adj): Shining brilliantly; gleaming. As in, “The Owls’ trophy was so resplendent that all who approached it immediately put on their sunglasses.”
Know alt_text
You have until 8 a.m. Thursday to submit your feedback forms. Since your courses and instructors can’t improve without them, just FILL.THEM.OUT.
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@TempleUniv: Stella getting some national TV screen-time. #FemmeFatale 💖”

Sally was on TV!!!
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