Pretend it’s still 1999, avoid the squirrels, watch your popcorn.
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Sleeping bag? Check. Bug spray? Check. Marshmall—hold on, wrong checklist. This isn’t camp. This is the next chapter of *your life* and if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse your college career, there are some essential things you need to know. Like how to talk like an Owl, where to find every type of food on campus and where to get your free tix for the first football game.

And who are we? We’re Nutshell, your weekly student newsletter that resumes regular programming next week. Nutshell, as in the nourishment source for those unruly campus squirrels. Yes, the squirrels. That brings us to the No. 1 rule of survival: Don’t trust the beady-eyed creatures that ascend from the trash cans. (True story.)

Welcome to college, Owls!
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Translation please
There are a few things students love to do every day. Like go to the beach between classes, hit up da club and eat from a wall. Huh? Watch this guide to Temple’s lingo.
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Just like 1999
Philly’s subway is still operating on tokens. So let’s party like it’s still your birth year, grab some tokens and go see the city. Learn how to get around Philly.
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Scream for ice cream bibimbap
...and gyros and burgers and crepes and tacos and smoothies. Get to know Temple’s super-awesome food trucks with these super-awesome tips (& a super-awesome map).
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Acres of Diamond Dollars
ICYMI, Temple’s got its own currency and it’s called Diamonds. Mhm, just lug a bag of those sparkling stones and swap it for a haircut. Or sushi. Or for postage to send a letter home pleading for more diamonds. JK. But here’s where you can use your Diamond $$$.
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Not just ramen
We know how much you love bricks of dried noodles, but there are plenty of ways to save money that don’t include those mysterious seasoning packets. Try these 11 practical ideas.
An illustration of a butler holding a miniature residence hall in one hand.
Don’t burn the popcorn
Pretty plz, with butter and salt on top? The last thing you want is being known as the guy who’s responsible for the late-night fire alarm. So listen for the pops slowing as you read these do’s and don’ts of being a good roommate.
An illustration of a football helmet with the Temple T
Next Friday—it’s a date
Wear cherry, paint your face, carry a clear bag and be prepared to cheer your heart out. We’ll pick you up. Here’s everything you need to know for your first date football game.
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The bucket challenge
No ice dumping required. But you do need to climb Everest, eat lots of food, step into a room full of shoes and capture a selfie with some Sciuridae. Yes, Sciuridae = squirrels. This is your Temple bucket list.
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