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Temple University
Wish you were still @temple? You can be!

Log in to myowlspace.com today and register for your FREE TUmail account.

Your alumni e-mail account (powered by Google) will include:
  • An @temple.edu e-mail address;
  • Easy-to-share documents, photos and calendars; and
  • More than 7GB of storage.
Whether you are renewing an existing TUmail account or creating an account for the first time, using TUmail is a great way to show your Temple pride in every message you send!

To sign up for your free alumni e-mail account, simply log in to the online community at myowlspace.com and click on "Free TUmail."

Please note: Your online community (myowlspace.com) password may be different from your TUmail password.

Joining the online community at myowlspace.com is now easier than ever!

To set up your account at myowlspace.com, click on the "Join" button. Then, enter your last name and the last four digits of your social security number to verify your account. Create a username and password and, voila!, you've gained access to a host of alumni benefits and services, including free TUmail.